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The winemakers of the Western Cape region of South Africa import beautifully hand crafted barrels from the famous ' Tonnelleries ' (coopers) of France. Made from 100 year old oak timber... each one is an original with its own unique oak flavour and character. Every barrel is used to mature several different wines, usually finishing off with a red wine... but they only have a limited lifespan in the winery and after a number of years have to be replaced with new.

  We then purchase the old barrels directly from the wine estates and bring them to our workshops where we recycle and transform them into our beautiful products  .... extending their lives for ever!

We take great pride in the exceptionally high standard and quality of our merchandise, still managing to retain the authenticity and history of where this beautiful old timber came from.... with the richness of the red wine still clearly visible throughout the grain of the French oak.

All of our unique hand crafted products are made from recycled French oak wine barrels





Length: 900mm Approx  - Width 6 to 11 cms

  £21.50 (plus  £3.50 Postage & Packing)




Length: 65cms Approx- Width 6 to 11cms

 £19.50 (plus  £3.50 Postage & Packing)  




Length: 19cms Approx- Width 10cms

 £12.50 (Postage & Packing Free) 


Our Candlelight Staves are sanded back to the original wood (which shows the wonderful wood grain) then treated with a clear polywax finish. Each item is unique as no one barrel stave is the same. The underside shows the red wine previously held in the barrels. There is a beautiful arch to each stave that adds to the uniqueness!

This striking stave candle holder will look great on a table, fireplace mantle, counter top or any place you're looking to add elegance, romance or relaxation.

Brilliant as a gift, supper or chill-out time!

(Shown with tealights and non drip candles)




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